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About Us

Nam & Pops are excited to bring inflatables to our area.  Through organizations we belong to, we saw a need for this type of business and although we will begin small we hope to expand quickly.   

Please make sure you check the measurements on the inflatable rental you are reserving.  Add 10' in all directions for ground clearance and make sure the height of the inflatable leaves at least 15' clearance from any highlines.  

Always know that winds above 15 mph will mean the inflatable comes down or never goes up.  This is essential to understand for the safety of all patrons and staff.

You will be asked to sign a rental agreement and liability waiver when the unit is delivered.  Please read it thoroughly.  

Due to the 18" stakes that we use to secure our inflatables rides (large bounce house, obstacle course, large bounce house with pool attachment)  we will  have an 811 utility locate done within the week of the booking.  This is a free service that is required for safety and to protect renters and the company from liability if any line is damaged.  We will always request paint markings instead of flags, 

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